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Cookie Republic Inc.


Make Snacking Clean Delicious! 


Born in a firehouse out of necessity and perfected by trial and error, in 2012 Cookie Republic came to life. What started as a way to creatively sustain energy and disguise healthy ingredients like whole grains, fiber, and protein in a package, "that looks appetizing" grew into something much larger. 

With many adjustments, and a few burnt batches, the cookies were a hit! Baking in the firehouse for ourselves and co-workers spread to baking for family, friends and eventually a business. We decided to swap helmets and turnout gear for hair nets and aprons (once a month that is). 


At Cookie Republic we have developed a simple equation: wholesome ingredients plus a finely crafted recipe minus artificial sugars and chemicals equals a delicious yet deceptively healthy cookie. You read correctly - healthy cookie. Two words that have generally never been synonymous. 

Our commitment is to provide you with a deliciously clean cookie that taste great but contains none of the "bad stuff." We left out the refined sugars and fillers and put in gluten free whole grains, plant protein, healthy fats like coconut oil and natural sugar from honey and brown rice syrup. Our cookies are Gluten Free, Non GMO and contain No Dairy. We are proud to annonce that each cookie contains 7 grams of Protein and 10 Whole Grains per 2oz. serving. 


Spreading deliciously clean ideals go far beyond the kitchen. As Firefighters and advocates of clean snacking our mission is to raise awareness to The National Fallen Firefighter's Foundation, an organization that provides resources to assist the families of America's Fallen Fire Heroes. We make charitable donations and promote public awareness of Heart Disease risk amongst Firefighters, the leading cause of line-of-duty deaths amongst Firefighters. Snacking with wholesome, nutritious, clean foods help reduce the risk of Heart Disease - and were making it delicious and doable for all.