Sustain Your Active Lifestyle 

Energy Sustaining Whole Grain Cookies, packed with protein and pure goodness. We are proudly committed to baking cookies that are delicious and can provide you with the fuel you need to keep you doing what you do best! 



Born in a Firehouse. Created out of Necessity. Destined to Serve the People.


Cookie Republic was born in a New York firehouse out of necessity. Constantly out on alarms for extended periods of time, we were in need of a snack that could keep us going when we needed it most. We immediately began experimenting how to creatively sustain energy and disguise healthy ingredients like whole grains, fiber and protein. The catch was it needed to be delivered in a package that would be loved by all. So we decided on a cookie, because who doesn’t love a good cookie right!?   With many adjustments and a few burnt batches, the cookies became a big hit! Baking in the firehouse for ourselves and co-workers, spread to baking for family and friends. Eventually, we were swapping helmets and turnout gear for hair nets and aprons so often that we realized we had a cookie that could serve its purpose for so much more than just Firefighters. We had created a snack that could help keep people at their best, fueled and ready to face each day.


The Mission: Create, Share and Inspire Goodness. For the People.


Goodness in our Cookies

Our cookies are baked with pure goodness. We are proudly committed to creating food that can truly feed you. Food that's not just nutritious but delicious, fun, and can keep you at your best, ready to face whatever each day brings.


Goodness in the Community

Spreading goodness goes far beyond the bakery. As firefighters we take a pledge to serve our community. This is a value that we honor and live by, and is deeply ingrained in all that we do at Cookie Republic.


National Fallen Firefighter’s Foundation

As firefighters and advocates of clean eating we are committed to raising awareness to the National Fallen Firefighter’s Foundation, an organization that provides resources to assist the families of America’s Fallen Fire Heroes. We make charitable donations and help promote awareness and prevention measures of Heart Disease risk amongst Firefighters (Heart Disease is the leading cause of line-of duty deaths in Firefighters).


Socks & Cookies

In 2016 homelessness in New York City reached its highest levels since the Great Depression. The number of people in New York City shelters each night is now 83% higher than it was ten years ago.  Socks are the #1 most requested item in homeless shelters. As first responders in NY we are painfully aware of this reality, so we make a point to regularly donate socks & cookies to NY homeless shelters.



Join our Community: Share a Cookie. Share Goodness. Inspire Goodness.


Firehouse life has taught us that sharing strengthens the community, because one act of goodness generally inspires another act of goodness. At Cookie Republic we are on a mission to share goodness. Today we invite you to help us with this mission. When you share a Cookie Republic cookie you are sharing our values, bringing awareness to our initiatives, inspiring people to be at their best, and strengthening the community in which we all live. So go ahead, share a Cookie Republic cookie with someone, a loved one, a friend or even a complete stranger. The goodness starts in the cookie, so pass it along and let us know how it goes!