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We are committed to show you a new approach to snacking. Snacking clean is about consuming quality, wholesome, all natural food and avoiding over processed foods, foods with loaded preservatives and added artificial sugars and chemicals. If you can’t pronounce it, why eat it. Simple.   

As bakers of our cookies we ensure that our products are all natural, contain no genetically modified ingredients and nothing artificial. When faced with the challenge of creating healthy but delicious snacks for Firefighters we learned how to make snacking clean delicious for all. There’s no rigid rules, no diet or eating plan. Its simply about snacking with foods in their most natural state.

Visit our blog or one of our social media outlets for deliciously clean snacking recipes and more importantly try one of our delicious 3 cookie flavors for clean, protein and wholegrain amazingness! SHOP NOW


Spreading deliciously clean ideals go far beyond the kitchen. As Firefighters and advocates of clean snacking our mission is to raise awareness to The National Fallen Firefighter's Foundation, an organization that provides resources to assist the families of America's Fallen Fire Heroes. We make charitable donations and promote public awareness of Heart Disease risk amongst Firefighters, the leading cause of line-of-duty deaths amongst Firefighters. Snacking with wholesome, nutritious, clean foods help reduce the risk of Heart Disease - and were making it delicious and doable for all.                                                                                       


For more information about the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation visit: http://www.firehero.org/